Based in Halifax, the team of psychologists and mental health counsellors at Roth Associates in Psychology and Counselling have been providing comprehensive mental health counselling and consultative services to individuals, companies and government departments of Nova Scotia since 1979. Our psychologists and certified mental health counsellors are committed to offering individualized, flexible and personalized therapy that focuses on your specific issues and concerns. We don’t believe in the “One Size Fits All” concept of service. Rather, we endeavor to customize an approach that responds to the problem at hand while being sensitive to the chemistry of the individuals involved.

We are a close and collaborative partnership. Our own teamwork and mutual respect allows us to maximize what we do for others. Our collaboration and overlapping expertise is based on the philosophy that “Everyone is smarter than anyone”. Having been in operation for over 30 years, we are well connected to a large network of professional specialists and resources. We are able to facilitate referrals and consultations to a wide range of physicians, accountants, lawyers, community and business leaders and governmental departments.

Our reputation for compassionate professionalism is important to us. We remain committed to upholding our standard of personalized service that reflects warmth, sensitivity and compassion. We know that often the decision to reach out for assistance is not easy. Simply put, be it individual or corporate, we are available for and treat our clients in the same way and manner that we would wish to be treated ourselves. Nothing less than that is acceptable.