Some couples aren’t sure they want couples counselling. They don’t know if they should try to save the relationship. In relationship reckoning, we spend between 1  and 5 sessions exploring this question.

Relationship reckoning is a way for couples to look at their options before making a decision to end the relationship.

Relationship reckoning is for couples who want to understand what went wrong in the relationship and are trying to decide whether they should end it or repair it.

My goal in relationship reckoning is to help you decide which of the following 3 choices make sense for you at this time:

  • To set a time frame for a dedicated effort to save the relationship
  • To move towards amicably ending the relationship
  • To agree to make this decision at a later date
Couple in Conflict

What does it involve?

  • In the first session you can come on your own or with your partner.
  • At the end of each session, you decide whether you want another session., up to 5 sessions in total.
  • If you come with your partner, the first and last sessions are the only ones you do together.
  • I will help you look at your relationship concerns from three perspectives: yours, your partner’s, and a neutral perspective.
  • If at the end of this process you choose the first option – to try and save the relationship – you are under no obligation to do so with me. If you would like to move into couples counselling with me, I would be happy to do so but that is your choice.

If you already know you are finished with the relationship, then Relationship Reckoning is not appropriate. Instead, it is time to take steps to respectfully and gently end with your partner. You are welcome to come talk to me about how to do that.

Your journey begins with a single step

Please take a moment to call us. We would be happy to speak with you in confidence, answer any questions and match you with the therapist that best suits your needs.